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Sesame Street 40th Anniversary/Quotable Sunday

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I decided to do something a little different for this weeks Quotable Sunday.
On Nov 10th, Sesame Street will celebrate it's 40th anniversary. This program was a big part of my children's early years and still is to many children today!

When Sesame Street started the concept of educational television programming, it was nothing short of revolutionary. I remember watching many of the programs with my children and seeing their little faces light up as they would sing along with Big Bird, The Count, Bert and Ernie and Cookie.
(Elmo came later and we loved him too!)

If you intend to purchase any of the anniversary DVDs, a new disclaimer has been added. It's seems that the older shows are now only ... "intended for
grownups and may not suit the needs of today's preschooler"

The reasoning for this I quoted from CNN;
"For better or worse, today's preschooler is very different from the 1969 version.
And children's television programming simply has to reflect that."
Seems reasonable, just hard to think that my children and I were watching PG programing,when we were singing along with The Count.

The one thing that hasn't changed though on "Sesame Street"... are the genuine attitudes of its residents. For 40 years, they have taught us that sometimes we are going to get hurt,cry and be lonely and it's OK, because there will be just as many times when we will be happy,loved and downright jovial! It's all part of life !

Below are just a few of the quotes taken from these adults only episodes. Maybe some of you remember them too!

"Sesame Street has been brought to you today by the letters W, S and E, and by the numbers 2 and 3."
-Mr. Hooper

"Hello everybodeeeeeeeee! It is I, Grover."

"Hello boys and girls. Welcome to Sesame Street."
-Big Bird

"Hi-ho, this is Kermit the Frog here, reporting for the Sesame Street News."

"C is for cookie."
-Cookie Monster

(Big Bird looks sadly at his drawing of Mr.Hooper)

"Big Bird: I'm gonna miss you, Mr. Looper.
Maria: It's Hooper, Bird. Hooper!"
-Big Bird and Maria


  1. I loved Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers for the kids. There was some controversy that Sesame Street brought down the length of kid's attention spans which is why Mr. Rogers was such a balance for it. However, Sesame Street will always have a place in my heart. I love it that KC's favorite character is Grover.

  2. I remember when Sesame street started it was about the time we got our first color tv set and my small sons loved to watch it, me too. Through the years I've made many muppet puppets for literacy programs and school teaching. Fun memories.

  3. My brother was 8 years younger so I (of the Capt. Kangaroo generation) watched Sesame St. with him...who doesn't love Muppets?!

    It was followed here by "The Electric Company", supposedly the "hipper twin"...and also where Morgan Freeman got a step up in his career.

    People say kids' programming doesn't stick. To this day my Bro and I still repeat a silly joke we heard from "The Electric Company". Everyone else thinks we're nuts, but it's the memory of how much fun being a kid was.

    Okay, so my inner child refuses to go shut it self away. ;)

  4. I loved Sesame Street too! Funny but I never thought about the older shows not being appropriate for todays kids! My favorite quote today is yours! For 40 years, they have taught us that sometimes we are going to get hurt,cry and be lonely and it's OK, because there will be just as many times when we will be happy,loved and downright jovial! It's all part of life !
    That is way I have always loved about Sesame Street best!!
    Happy Sunday!

  5. Sesame Street holds many fun memories of when my son was young. I remember the show when Big Bird explained that Mr. Hooper had died. I also am a big Fred Rogers fan. My son gave me his book for Christmas one year. Thanks for bringing these wonderful memories back for me. Mare

  6. Kay;

    Grover was my all time favorite too!
    He was so sweet! My kids enjoyed The Electric company did Jim, (yes he did!) Thanks Kay

    Thanks Lin;

    Nice to hear that it's still enjoyed my so many today!
    We still have an Ernie doll in the garage. It speaks and it seems to be stuck on..."I feel great!" Always makes me smile!

  7. Hope;

    My family has so many memories and sayings that we have picked up from both shows. Glad we're not the odd ducks. Welcome to the odd duck group! Have a good Monday this week!

  8. Mare;

    I watched all the shows along with my kids. We taped many of the electric company programs for our grandkids to watch, just in case the show would end up off the air.
    No grand kids yet!
    Guess Jim and i can watch it on Sunday afternoons!!
    Have a great week Mare, my best to you and Flo!!!!

  9. Lt;

    Thank you,I had trouble finding quotes from other people on that subj! I had to improvise a little!
    Sesame Street(Electric co and Mr Rodgers were just classics. Glad my children were able to enjoy and learn from them growing up!
    I think I remember "Ding Dong School, but not very well!

  10. My little brother watched that show 30 years ago!

    I loved Bert and Ernie!!
    Does anyone remember when Ernie took Bert's nose off? funny!

  11. i would buy Sesame Street DVD's for my kids if there was such a thing

  12. I loved watching Sesame Street with my kids. I still like it, though I haven't seem much of it lately. There are so many other chioces for kids now, but none better.

  13. Greg;

    I think there are dvds out!

  14. Linda R;

    I also think Sesame Strret was special, a cut above, but maybe I'm favor it because I watch along with my children.
    Have a great week Linda!

  15. I LOVED watching Sesame Street with all three children. I always felt that it was one of the very best children's programs. Oh and Mr. Rogers was enjoyed by all three children and me too! I think the "stuff" kids watch today is nowhere as good as Sesame Street. There must be a reason its been around for 40 years.

  16. Cheryl;
    I think that fact that SS has been around for 40 years is Proof enough for me that the show was a keeper and good for children of any age! Our kids were lucky!

  17. I had no idea Elmo came along later...I have always known him lol


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