Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Award from a Sweet Friend!

Last week I wasn't feeling very well,(normal flu stuff), and all I wanted to do was hug my blanket and lay on the couch. So I did!
I felt like I was always 20 seconds late on every conversation...and you know for yourself when you're sick, that you're in your own little world.

When I did get back to reading my blog and some of your posts, I found a very special gift waiting for me from Hope , an award for just making her smile.
I did that,... such a huge compliment to me, thank you Hope!
Hope had said on her blog that "sometimes, happy finds you," I know that to be true, and I also know that happy always floats up,
just like Hope.

So now, according to the rules, I get to list 10 things which make me happy before passing the award on to others.

I guess I'm ready now;

10 Things That Make Me Happy!

1.My husband;
We've been married for almost 39 years( I was a child bride of nine ) He's like the other half of me, always looking out for me.
He's just the cheese to my macaroni.

2. My kids;
Bob, Kevin and Julie.
Adults now themselves, but they never make me feel like they don't need me, and in a good way!

3. Friends;
Even though I live far away from some, they never make me feel out of touch.
My blogy friends have added a real richness to my life. When I'm feeling particularly isolated, one of you is always around to make me smile and I thank you for that!

4. My Firkids;
AKA, Gracie and Winston.
My two cats make me smile every day of my life and what a gift that is. They jump on the bed to wake me up in the morning and follow me around like my dog used too.

5. My Ipod
One of my children gave me an Ipod for Christmas last year and I have had a lot of hours of pure joy listening to it! I do sometimes embarrass myself by singing out loud while listening, and of course I forget that I'm the only one that can hear the music. Maybe that's why my son gave me an Ipod player this year for a gift, so that my concert for one would end!

6. Wii; (Nintendo gaming system)
My daughter gave my husband and I a Wii gaming system for Christmas. When we opened her gift, we looked at each other and was kind of embarrassed that we might have opened the wrong gift. Julie was so animated about it that we got excited with her. I never thought that it would be part of my everyday life.
Well who knew , we all love it! I train on it almost everyday(except the first two weeks when I was continually sore)
No kidding, it makes me smile and it's fun even for old farts like me!

Well, I only have the dream of having grandchildren right now,... but that's enough to bring a smile to my face. I can wait!

8. Springtime;
Anybody who lives where it gets cold for extended periods, knows how happy the thought of Spring makes you feel! This time of year the itch for spring is rampant around here.

9. Fireworks;
Anytime and place.
Love them!

10. Dark Chocolate;
I would still be happy with milk chocolate, but I am almost orgasmic for dark! It's full of antioxidants too and of course that's why I eat it everyday! (fingers crossed)

Well that's my ten for today, who knows what tomorrow will bring. That's the great thing about life though!
According to Hope, there are no rules as to how many people I can give this award to. So I choose to offer it to all of you.
God knows that I've gotten so many smiles from you.

So If you're interested at all in disclosing what makes the corners of your lips turn up,... then please consider yourself tagged by me for this sweet award.
So come on, you know you want to. Pick up the award at my place and then list the 10 things that make you smile.


  1. fun post, especially the first part about hugging your blankie and laying on the "coach"...LOL, I assume you meant the couch unless your hubby is a coach. Thanks for the laugh!!!

  2. You are definitely my SWEET friend, Peg! Hmmmm... The Wii is that good, hunh?

  3. Lin;

    Well my hubby is wonderful but when I'm sick, I'm laying on the couch! :0
    That will teach me to schedual it late at night for the next morning!
    I'm glad it did the trick and produced two smiles already!
    Have a great day/

  4. Kay;

    You are my sweet friend Kay!

    Wii is a good thing for me.
    Since I have a couple limitations,I can get my cardio and then do strenght training after! Kevin is using it along with me. It just makes it fun and something that I look forward to doing.

  5. Sorry you haven't been feeling well Peggy. Hope you're soon up and at em!

    I was going to buy a Wii for Christmas but I heard there are so many additional things you need to go with it and I just didn't want to spend a lot on something my kids didn't even ask for. Mmmm. I guess I need to check it out for myself. Imagine that!!

  6. Thanks Joyce;
    I'm better now and am almost feeling back to normal.
    The Wii is good for me, my kids love it of course. It is a lot of money and I don't think that I would have bought it for myself.
    But as a gift, it's great!
    Have a good evening!

  7. I'm glad to hear you're better Peggy, and I love that list! Especially the chocolate -- and what a surprise to hear about the Wii! It never entered our heads to get such a thing but it sounds interesting.

    I hope you're completely well soon -- I'm under the weather too and really really tired of winter now.

  8. Susan;

    I bet you're tired of the snow,I'm used to it living here, but it doesn't happen as much where you live!
    I am better and I think on the mend! My husband brought this home from work, poor guy he is still caughing!
    May your snow melt quickly, and mine too!
    Have a good week!

  9. Glad to hear that you are rebounding! I am very tired of snow,too! Thank goodness for those furry little friends!

  10. Mare;

    Thanks you my friend. I am feeling better til I saw P.Phil see his shadow. But I promised not to care this yea...and I really don't. We are on the downside of winter(hope)
    Have a great week Mare and my best to Flo.

  11. I would say you are a very deserving of such a lovely award. It was fun to learn "a little more" about a blogger friend...Glad you are feeling better and enjoying the Wii. I am beginning to think that I need one, I have heard such great things from others about it. Maybe I would change from a "couch potato" to a just a "spud"!

  12. Cheryl;

    Ok, you had me laughing ,..spud.
    Love that
    Thank you for making me do that!!

  13. YOU are more than deserving of this one! :)

    And any woman who can [a] find her soul mate at age 9 ;) AND [b] loves DARK chocolate...well I definitely picked the right person.

    If I could push some dark chocolate through the screen, I would you know. Okay, so I'd keep one piece. ;)

  14. This darn internet, they can't even figure out how to transport dark chocolate. I guess I'll have to be happy with what they hae done for me!.
    Someday my friend , we will figuure it out!

  15. Glad to hear you're feeling better and I really enjoyed reading your ten things that make you smile.

  16. Jabblog,

    Thank you for stopping by. I so appreciate it! Have a good day today!

  17. I hope you are fully better by time you read this. Your list makes me happy just by reading it... very nice. I love my IPOD to and I sing out loud too and even on the way to work and I have people looking at me and really, who cares! Hahahahaha... could be worse! =)
    Never tried the Wii but heard so many fun things... i worry about games and such for my epilepsy but maybe I'll try at a friends and see how that goes and u never know!

    Hope all is well and hugs to you!

  18. Michele;

    Gosh you sound good! I have missed you my friend and was praying for you. What you have to go through must be agonizing, I can't even imagine.
    We'll get through, you and I. We'll do it together!
    Next time I'm driving down the street singing at the top of my lungs I will smile and think of you!

  19. I enjoyed reading your happy post. I actually left chocolate out of my list which was a major oversight.

    By the way your microfiction monday post about the wrong drivethru really made me laugh! That was great. I didn't have time last week to read all the submissions but it sure is fun to play.

  20. MountainMama;

    Thank you for your comment today about two of my posts!
    You actually made me smile by saying that my MFM post made you laugh!
    You're so right, MFM is a loy of fun, both writing one and reading all the rest!
    Have a great evening!


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