Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Microfiction Monday #13

Welcome to Microfiction Monday,
where a picture paints 140 characters.
Susan over at Stonyriver hosts Microfiction Monday.

Here's this week's picture, and my story to go with it:

I'm looking for my friend, said Elwood
Have you seen him?
He's a six foot "Pooka" rabbit
and his name is Harvey.
You can't miss him!~

The rules are simple,to use Susan's picture she posts then compose a story up to 140 characters including spaces and punctuation.
Then hop on over to Susan's and leave your name. She even has a brilliant character counter to help us count.
As Susan promises, it's fast, it's fiction, it's fun!


  1. I LOVED that movie! Then again, I was the only kid on the block who had a crush on Jimmy Stewart. :)

    And I loved this one! I fear too many of us will be headed for Wonderland this week. ;)

    Have a great week!

  2. Hope;

    Me too, he was such a nice guy! I was in wonderland last week, thought I should travel to fantasyland!
    Have a good Monday Hope! :)

  3. Harvey was my first thought, but I was afraid only Bill and I would remember him! I was wrong! LOL! I loved Harvey and your MM is great.

  4. Quilly;

    My fear too, that nobody would know who Harvey was!
    Maybe it's true that good characters stand the test of time. We'll see, sure hope so!
    Thanks for remembering him, Iloved him too!

  5. Oh, I love it!! And, of course, I remember who Harvey was! I loved him! And he's definitely stood the test of time!! Hope you have a great week!


  6. Thanks Sylvia,
    I sometimes wish that I had a Harvey around my house!
    I'm so glad you remembered too!

  7. Okay this is the second Harvey I've seen and I have no idea who he is. pffft. I thought it was Harry Houdini. Mark me stupid LOL Great story anyway :) Is Harvey a rabbit?

  8. Thom;

    I was afraid that many of you would not know who Harvey was.
    Harvey was a white rabbit( a Pooka) that was the imaginary friend of Elwood P Down(Jimmy Stewrt, I told you I was old)in the movie by the same name.
    Steven Speilberg is directing a new version of Harvey!
    Sorry pal,hope you enjoyed it anyway! Maybe I should have saved my idea until after the New one comes out!
    Everything old is new again. That's good for me too!

  9. C'mon, of course I remember Harvey :D And my whole family loves Jimmy Stewart -- all the way from "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" to "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence"

    Great entry this week Peggy!! Cheers.

  10. Peggy ~ I didn't even think of Harvey, and I love the movie. I got thinking Alice in Wonderland when I saw the picture.

    Love your and Quilly's reference to Harvey, Jimmy would be smiling at this one. Great Movie.

  11. Peggy,
    Such a lovely MM.
    Great job.

    I love your picture,

    Have you a great week.


  12. Loved Harvey too! Thanks for the memories!

  13. Harvey was great!

    That's so funny because I had an Elwood in mine too, when I mentioned "Chez Paul" -- the restaurant where Elwood and Jake go to get Mr. Fabulous LOL

  14. It's been ages since I saw that movie -- I should look it up again some time.

  15. Skald;

    Yippy, I'm so glad that you remember Harvey.
    I hated thinking that I should have gone with my second udea!
    Have a great week!


    Was a great movie, I tried to watch it everytime it was on TV.
    Thanks so much for the great comment!


    You're so sweet, thank you so much!
    I'm coming over to read your soon!


    Thanks John, I did too and am so glad more of my MM have seen it!

  16. Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know about Harvey . . . wish I did though - sounds fun!

  17. Barbara;

    I have not seen the movie in a long time either. It's pretty old but a feel good movie to be sure!
    Thanks Barbara!


    You are not alone, and Steven Spielberg is doing it again!
    Have a great week!

    First 50;

    I'm so glad, Tinkerbell and Harvey Thank you too!

  18. Susan;

    I had completely forgotten about that Elwood! Chicago's favorite son and there was a Chez Paul restaurant in the Chicago area too.(probably one in many other cities too)
    Hope you are feeling better Susan!!

  19. i admit i had to google harvey but that made me appreciate your story even more

  20. A six foot rabbit damn I wouldn't no how to act if I seen him but I do remember the name harvy wasn't thAt about a rabbit in a james stewart movie ?.

    Thanks Peggy for stopping by and leaving the sweet comments you leave me I love em the only thing I as just stroke my ego and always return. thanks

  21. juliana;

    Thank you for taking the time and googling . It really was a very sweet,feel good, movie!
    Have a good week juliana.

  22. Larry;

    Yep, you got the right movie. Tanks for you comment, it made me smile!
    I do love stopping by your blog, it's like Star wars , so creative!
    Have a great evening!

  23. I think he's stuck in the hat, even if it's not a reference to the movie :)
    Happy Monday!

  24. I'm with Thom.... I don't know who harvey is, but this is such a cute story.

    Great Microfiction Monday :)


  25. I am so pleased to learn that Steven Speilberg is doing a remake of Harvey! Yay! Have a nice week Peggy.

  26. Jill

    It's such an old movie but will be reborn again by Steven Spielberg.
    Thanks for liking it anyway, so sweet!


    I am hoping that the new movie by SP is hve as good as the old one.
    Thanks Cheryl, we think a like on this one.
    I really think spring is coming this time;
    Have a great week yourself!

  27. Liked the Harvey reference; being six-foot tall certainly explains why he's so much larger than the hat.


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