Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guest Book for Dr. John

This post is also in Loving Memory of Dr. John at Dr. John’s Fortress
May 21, 1939 – February 15, 2010
Thom of Thom's Pace 4 Whatever...

Thom has set up a guest book on his blog in loving memory of Dr John.

I didn't know Dr John very well, but was struck by all the people that loved his wit and his storytelling. He will be missed by so mnay bloggers!

So if you were a fan of Dr John like so many, or just want to express your condolences in some way to his family, visit Thom's blog today and sign the guest book.

Thom will then forward the guest book to Dr.John's family in Wisconsin, just to let them know how much he will be missed in our world of blogging.

Rest In Peace Doctor!


  1. Thom's a good friend. What a superb idea, and wonderful thing to send to the family!

  2. Susan;

    Superb is the perfect word here!
    I didn't know him very well. visited his blog. But a this book I think will mean a lot to the family, at least I hope so!
    Thanks Susan!

  3. Peggy I thank you so much for helping out with this. He was such a wonderful man! Many mahalo's my dear sweet friend :) Aloha

  4. Thom;

    Anytime my friend, just hope you get lots of people to sign!
    Such a wonderful thing for you to do, his family probably knows how much he loved blogging and I think this will mean a lot to them!
    Aloha to you!

  5. What a cool thing to do! And so nice of you to help!

    Now if only Thom's blog will speak to me. [Technical difficulties] Sigh.

  6. Awe,...but he loves you!
    He has a pretty high tech blog, Makes me want to have a cocktail with an umbrella in it.

    I'm having continued problems with my followers list. It keeps hiding in plain sight...Argh!
    Blogger says that they are working on it!
    Hopes it's nice and warm where you are down south. !

  7. It's trying. Not there yet but the weekend shows promise.


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