Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Mother's Day All You Superwomen!

I saw this the other day and wanted to share it with, who else, all my friends here.
Author Unknown
Have a wonderful day tomorow everyone!

Mom will ask you to wash your hands
and wipe your feet.

To mind your manners.
To cover your mouth when you cough.

Mom will ask you to not jump off a cliff.
even though everyone else is.

To stop making that face or it will freeze that way.
To stop fighting or she'll turn this car right around.

Mom will ask that if you don't have anything nice to say,
to not say anything at all. To remember that money doesn't
doesn't grow on trees.

To do your homework, clean your room,keep your elbows off
the table and eat your vegetables.

To not forget your jacket. To brush your teeth, wash behind
your ears and wear clean underwear.

Mom will ask you what you want for breakfast,when you need
a ride home from practice and if you have any clean socks.

Mom will ask you to be kind and patient. To be
a good person, call your grandparents ,
work had ad pay your bills on time .

But there's one thing,
Mom never asks for thanks!

Thank you Moms of my world.
Happy Mother's Day!

"Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever." ~Author Unknown


  1. i love the cartoon..

    Happy day to you as well

  2. Thanks Wonderwomenn;

    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. It was wonderful. Great cartoon. Happy Mothers Day to you :)

  4. Thanks Thom;

    You must had a great Mother/ Father because you are one special man. :)

  5. This made me laugh so hard because it brought back a memory I actually found a card for, for my Mom. I was about 4 or 5 and had been told to STOP playing in the birdbath. I watched the backdoor for Mom and was shocked when her voice yelled, "What did I tell you?!" When I asked, in awe, how she did that, she told me she had eyes in the back of her head.

    Yeah, and she was looking out a window where I couldn't see her. :) Actually found a card about that this year. Happy Mom's day to you!

  6. Happy Mother's Day!
    That post brought back a lot of memories - and laughs.

  7. Ah yes, must be universal Mom sayings! I remember telling my middle child that I did indeed have eyes in the back of my head. One day I felt little hands in the hair on the back of my head, Ben said "Mom, I am trying to find your eyes"! Happy Mother's Day to you Peggy and a lovely week!

  8. Happy Mothers Day to you, Peg! You are definitely the Queen of Mothers! You've always been such a model mother, loving your children and always letting them know, always watching their every step without them knowing and guiding without pushing. You are amazing. You've taught them by example and showed them how to deal with any of life's adversities with courage and humor. You're my role model, too!

  9. Happy Mother's Day,my friend!
    You look BEAUTIFUL, then and NOW!
    You are such a wonderful friend and MOTHER!
    May this Mother's Day be one of the best with more to come in years!

  10. great quote and cartoon, we all owe much to our moms today...happy mom's day to you.


    Meme participation award
    Happy Sunday!

  12. Memories, love when something brings back good memories.
    Mom's do have eyes for every direction possible.
    Hope you are having a great day.

  13. Susan;

    After chicken pox x 2, you need a good laugh.
    Things must be looking up!

  14. Cheryl;

    That's so funny. My kids would look at me funny, like they were looking for something!
    Hope you had a great day today!
    Happy happy week ahead!

  15. Kay;

    What a wonderful heart piercing commnet. You are just the best friend. Love you!

  16. Shakira;

    After reading your comment, I just want to stand up and yell "fight fight fight! You inspire me my friend.
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


    You are so right, we owe so much.
    Hope your day was beautiful just like your words are.

  17. Jingle;

    How sweet of you. I love awards, I sometimes think that I'm a little old to say that.
    The truth is the truth though, I love them.
    You are the remarkable one!
    Thank you for 5 awards!!!!


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