Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm Almost Here Again.

I have tried to publish a post four times now and I keep getting shut down by my computer.
Monday is new motherboard day for my laptop.
  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

A friend sent me this joke a couple of weeks ago and it made me laugh.
It's not a new one but when you're laugh deprived it's worth it's weight in goldendust.
Hope you enjoy.

A burglar broke into a house one night.
He shined his flashlight around,
looking for valuables when a voice in the
dark said,

'Jesus knows you're here.'

He nearly jumped out of his skin,
clicked his flashlight off, and froze.
When he heard nothing more,
after a bit, he shook his head and
Just as he pulled the stereo out so
he could disconnect the wires, clear as a bell he heard

'Jesus is watching you.'

Freaked out, he shined his light around frantically,
looking for the source of the voice.
Finally, in the corner of the room, his flashlight
beam came to rest on a parrot.

'Did you say that?' he hissed
at the parrot.
'Yep', the parrot confessed, then squawked,
'I'm just trying to warn you that he is
watching you.'
The burglar relaxed.

'Warn me,
huh? Who in the world are you ?'
'Moses,' replied the bird.
'Moses?' the burglar laughed.
'What kind of people would name a bird
'The kind of people that would name a
Rottweiler Jesus.'


  1. I LOVE it! What a hoot and just the laugh I needed! Hope the computer mess gets solved quickly, I do know the frustration!!! And, I hope you have a great weekend, Peggy!


  2. Ack, what is it with the things we all own this week?!

    Glad you're still here. And yes, I laughed at this joke again.

  3. Jabblog;

    Thanks you for your comment. I have missed reading comments. Have a great night!

  4. Sylvia;

    Frustration is felt by us all who own computers.
    Unless, unless you are a computer wiz or know one.
    Glad you laughed too. Have a great weekend my friend.

  5. Hope

    I ask the same question, what is wrong with things we own that decise not to work anymore.
    Is it a test? I failed then.
    Glad you were a repeat laugher with me.

  6. cute, very funny!! good luck with your computer-that's nothing to laugh about!

  7. Excellent...thanks for sharing your!

  8. I heard this one before but it never fails to set me giggling!!!!!! I need all the laughs I can get right now. Thanks!!!!

  9. Lin;

    Thanks for feeling my pain. It is getting better. Yay!


    I'm glad Kay that you had a laugh too.
    Laughter is just the best!


    Thanks for the nice comment.
    Glad to have you back, missed your take and your humor.

  10. Hi Peg! It's so nice to see you back! I sure hope your computer is good as new soon. How frustrating!
    Thanks for the fun laugh.

  11. Thanks laoch;

    I needed to laugh at something.
    Even an old joke.
    Thanks for coming by !

  12. Thanks kay;

    The frustration level was high for a while.
    Jim knows nothing about computers and Kevin works long hours. So that left me.
    But I'm learning something new about computers everyday!

  13. Oh my goodness, what a hoot! Hope the computer issues get taken care of. Don't know what I would do without my laptop!


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