Sunday, January 2, 2011

MIcrofiction Monday # 49

Welcome to Microfiction Monday.
Where a picture paints 140 characters.

Susan over at Stonyriver hosts Microfiction Monday The rules are simple,to use Susan's picture she posts then compose a story up to 140 characters including spaces and punctuation.

So here is this weeks picture and my story to go with.

First there was Exon Valdez in Alaska,
now the BP rig in the Gulf.
Juan Valdez is so fed up
he's going back to pitching coffee beans.
(More with Juan here!)

Now leap on over to Susan's place and leave your name.
She even has a brilliant counter to help us count.
As Susan promises, it's fast, it's fiction, it's fun!


  1. I thought sure I left a comment. Now I can't remember what I said. I enjoyed this Peggy, guess one can't blame Juan for going back to his coffee beans. I used an old TV Ad at my place too.

  2. Oh, great one, Peggy! And sooooo true! I'd be back pitching coffee beans, too! I do hope you and your family had a good holiday! Wishing you lots of love and laughter for the new year, Peggy!


  3. This is scary, Peggy! I used Juan as well and that was before I saw any comments as Mr. Linky was down!

    Great minds think alike!

  4. I love it, Peggy, tying and disconnecting Juan to and from Exxon and BP! Very clever!

    Have a helathy and happy 2001!

  5. Thanks Bill;
    I think I'd rather pick coffee beans then clean up oil spills.
    I loved your Jack Benny clip.

  6. Thanks Sylvia;

    We did have a great Christmas and I bet you loved your visit from Robyn.
    Have a great week Sylvia.
    We're actually going to be a lottle warmer here!

  7. Excellent, Peggy! You're starting the New Year off strong. :-)
    Happy New Year!

  8. Mom;

    We are sisters from a different mother.
    I bet there will be more too
    Thanks for stopping by tonight.
    Have a great New year.

  9. Pat;

    Thank you so much, you're so nice.
    Have a good week ahead!


    Thanks Kay;
    Happy New Year to you all!
    (snow melted, Yea)

  10. Hi Peggy, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! :)

    Juan is a wonderful guy to take a big pay cut for his principles. He must be a true coffee connoisseur.

  11. Jim;

    He owns stork in Starbucks.
    Thanks jim for your humor.
    Happy New year to you!

  12. I remember Juan-the coffee one that is! Good one tonight...

  13. I looked at the clip then I understood . . . smiles . . .

  14. Very funny! I never once thought of that's a good one!

  15. Enjoyed that - and can feel the frustration within the humour. Nice one.

  16. Anthony;

    Love that you're back!
    You got the frustration that many feel!
    Have a wonderful New Year!

    Lisa; Thanks so much!

  17. Akela;

    Thank you for coming by today, I had trouble with MR Linky last night so I just went to sleep!
    Have a wonderful New Year.


    The commercials were from the 80's, glad the clip helped! Happy New Year!

  18. Congratulations on being featured!

    Indeed very clever!!

    Happy new Year!

  19. Very good MM today! I like how you pulled from the headlines about the oil damage from both Exxon and BP. Very clever.


  20. Very clever my friend :) Well thought out and played :)

  21. Thanks Thom :)

    You're the best!
    Happy, Healthy 2011

  22. Thanks so much Jean;
    I'm glad you liked it enough to comment!

  23. Hi I thought juan was too funny!I am following your blog,please follow mine as well,blessings jane,will be back

  24. Yes, Juan, not to worry about those oil spills. Someone's paying for them, anyway. Just do your own thing. Good coffee, anytime!

    Nice twist to it Peggy, and New Year greetings!

  25. Spilled coffee is a whole lot easier to clean up!

  26. Coffee is so much safer than oil... unless you get it spilled on you at a McDonald's drive thru'.

    Enjoyed your MM, Peggy. Happy New Year to you. Hope it's a great one.

  27. wouldn't it be wonderful if cars ran on coffee :)

  28. That Juan is so fickle!! Cute idea!
    Happy New Year!


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