Thursday, November 27, 2008


I'm sitting here at my computer, it's about 3pm, and I'm thinking about my Thanksgiving meal!
We decided to stay home this year after leaning that the flu was running rampant at my sister-in-laws house yesterday. I have a somewhat weakened immune system....

So instead of driving to Chicago again we are warm and snug as bugs in a rug here at home. Even though I was looking forward to visiting with my husbands family and seeing my daughter...I am just as content to stay home and have turkey and stuffing ...but one snag...I have started a much healthier eating plan since ...... yesterday! Yes it's true...why couldn't I have waited one more more day...what would it have hurt...but the answer to who it could hurt...would be me. So I gave up all those extra calories and I am having salmon, a baked sweet potato and organic broccoli.
I'm really not as miffed as I sound....I have no control over this disease...I am kind of in the limbo stage ...the wait and see how it progresses period...come back in three months and we'll take more blood This approach is so opposite of how we're taught to attack foreign invaders...(cancer cells, in my case)...but I can control what I put in my I made my stand... and I feel more empowered . \
One thing that I have not fully embraced is ..."no more dark chocolate"( sugar is supposed to feed cancer cells....)
But can this be really true! Dark chocolate has seen me through many a personal crisis
I think that I'm going to have to do just a little bit more research on CHOCOLATE!!!!!
Have a wonderful Turkey day my friends....!!!!!!!



  1. I have a friend who had brain cancer, she made it through wonderfully. Somewhere she found out things that you're going through with diet and cancer feeding fuels. I'll ask her about chocolate, I wonder what she knows about it?

    Praying every day for you!

  2. No, not dark chocolate. Sigh...
    I hope you're OK with the Kona coffee.
    I'm sorry you weren't able to get down to Kitty's. I thought you'd gone. If you and Jim need a place to stay, please know you always have a place in the old neighborhood.

  3. Are you SURE about that chocolate? That's a tough one, one of many tough things you face now.
    Looks like you have lots of good friends and family to walk with you through the future.
    Lots of shalom to you.

  4. Hello, I've come to visit via Kay at Musings and to wish you well. It sounds as if you've got the right attitude - make your body as healthy a place as possible so that it can do its best to fight the cancer cells. I'm pretty sure that you can buy sugar free dark chocolate - and don't forget that chocolate that's more than 75% cocoa solids is jammed full of anti-oxidants!

  5. A quiet holiday for me, too.
    Google 'cocopure' and see if it fits your new diet's criteria. TTFN

  6. I hold good thoughts for you. You're a very brave lady. Hope there's some way to manage the chocolate -- surely would hate to give it up myself although I do limit my intake. You have a wonderful attitude and that's the most important of all.

  7. Peggy I have come here via Kay's blog. I wanted you to know that I am wishing you the best and praying for you. Keep that good attitude! I will be watching your blog to see how things are going.

  8. Here's a long link but as a dark chocolate lover, I had to look for you!
    It doesn't seem to be "lighting up" to link, so type in dark chocolate and Prevention (as in the magazine) and see if it gets you there faster.
    Nice to meet you :)

  9. Kay sent me, and I see that she has a lovely friend in you. I wish you well in your new life challenge. But no dark chocolate?!!

  10. Here's what I know...
    *You have a devoted and beautiful friend in Kay.
    *You have been a devoted and beautiful friend to Kay.
    *You have great strength of character and a surprisingly positive attitude about life and the many twists and turns you've faced thus far on your journey through it.
    *You are someone I would feel truly blessed to count among my friends.

    I wish you well... and please be aware that the prayers of many people you have not met are being sent on your behalf. There are many of us who wish you well. I have added your name to a prayer list in the temples of my faith.

    Maybe one of these days we'll all meet somewhere and shop for some new shoes together to celebrate your good health. The only down side I can see to shopping with you is that you're so dang goodlookin. It's tough on my ego to try on pants with someone as cute as you. (not to mention a couple sizes smaller)


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