Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am so optomistic

I know this is going to sound like the remark that Michelle Obama said and got so much flax for...but I am so very proud of our people and our country. We looked beyond race and elected the first African American president yesterday!
Gosh we have come along way from where we have dowelled for so long!

I watched the faces of the people in Grant Park last night after it was announced that Obama had won...there was such hope in the faces that I saw...hope that their dreams just might come true .

I feel pretty darn good today...



  1. Don't you wish we could have been in that crowd, too? Tif said the lines for tickets were going around the block. She took KC there before the celebration and got her a blue balloon.

  2. It is so good to hear your voice hit the internet waves again. Isn't the prospect of hope an uplifting force. Instead of typing my thoughts about this again[I've been to 3 sites and done that],I'm going to post one on my site. I'll be back.
    Keep your face in the sun!


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