Monday, February 2, 2009

Is Punxsutawney Phil against me...?

I was really thinking that spring was on the way. I didn't have anything concrete to go on. The temperatures have remained cold...the snow is still on the ground and I am still hibernating inside because there is too much ice in parking lots for me not to slip and slide.
I have always had to plan ahead my trips outside. Even when I was upright and walking on my own steam. I planned on how long it would take me to get to my destination,...sometimes just getting to and in my car would take me an extra 15 minute, checking my scooter in case I would need it, making sure that it was charged and in the car, how many steps is it to the door, is the concrete crumbled and cracked, is there gravel, are my legs strong today or do I have to wear very light weight shoes, coat ...a small purse. (I love big purses and beautiful shoes..I admit it)
So early this morning, I learned that Phil saw his shadow and that there will be six long weeks of winter left! TISK !
But on the brighter, lighter side of life, the sun is out, the temperatures are supposed to rise and I have all of you to keep me entertained while hibernating...and an even bigger bonus for me this day is ... I'm feeling good !!!!!...
I realize more then ever that nobody can ever promise you a tomorrow.
So today is a fine day, a great day, a glorious day
...and God bless you Phil!!!!!!
So here's to Great Days ahead for us all!


  1. Looking forward to Spring!

    (Found your blog through Legal Mist).

  2. I think that's what you would call denial. ;)

    I'm the same way. I hope every year that winter will end quicker than the last.

  3. We have a bit of sun today and it's supposed to be in the 50s! but it's still chilly! I may get out later, but today is laundry day so I won't be going far. But I am so ready for spring!! Take care, enjoy, because it's true, every day is a gift!

  4. Well, your spirits seem to be positive and that is a wonderful thing. Have you read any good books lately that you would recommend to help pass the rest of the winter?

  5. Peggy don't fret too much, the Hubster tells me it was on our news that there was no sun there, it was totally overcast. Therefore the shadow was caused by the TV lights!!

  6. Oh silly Phil! LOL I must admit I know what it's like to want another six week's sleep on a winter's morning but...

    Happy Spring, Peggy, whenever it comes!

  7. The lied. Punx never looked down so he never saw his shadow. They saw Punx's shadow and I say that doesn't count. Right after this week you can expect warmer weather. The trees know. They are budding.

  8. I want Spring, too!! But Buckeye Chuck saw his shadow too. Sigh.

  9. I understand it's supposed to start warming up right after we board the plane to leave for Hawaii on Sunday. Did you get to your doctor's appointment OK? I hope everything is going well.


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