Tuesday, February 3, 2009

what were they thinking...?

I just don't get it....why do public officials not have tax consultants ?
This mess with three of the picks of President Obama for important positions in his administration could have been avoided! Did they think nobody would find out? Explain to me if you know...or comment if you agree or disagree with me
I am just dumbfounded by this stupidity!


  1. Isn't it amazing? Rich people seem to think they'll never be taxed, much as young people like to think they'll never die. But the Taxman is everywhere....

    Not very good leadership, is it?

  2. Hi! Stopped over from visiting Susan at Stony River Farm.

    What never ceases to amaze me is [a] what you said and [b] if we the people did the same thing [granted on a smaller level] we'd find ourselves audited or in jail!

    Ever feel like writing your Representative the most simple message of all? "GROW UP!" Geez, they act like bad school kids.

    Hope to come back and make a more jovial comment in the future. :)

  3. Sigh... It's rather surprising, isn't it? They must have decided nobody would find out. Dumb, but what else could it be?

  4. You are right on the money on this one. If I did something like they did, the IRS would lock me away forever or take my house. I ranted today about athletes. What were they thinking.

  5. Equally surprised here too, I really thought Obama would be more careful to avoid this kind of stuff. I am really hoping that he doesn't end up just like all the others!

  6. Peggy, I think these people just get so full of themselves they think they are beyond the law. He knew for sure what he was doing. I do not believe it in the least that he didnt. I like the way Obama is going though and coming out and saying sorry and that there is not one rule for politicians and one rule for the general public. Obama is going to have to be very careful I think. High powered people are the same all over the world and it all comes down to two things power and greed. Sad isnt it.

  7. Hope you're doing okay, haven't seen you around in a few days and I'm a worry wart! Hope all is well.

  8. It is amazing. What gets me, on a little bit of a different subject, is that - as far as I know - that Madoff guy (Ponzi scheme) is free as a bird for ripping off folks for so much money. While Martha Stewart was locked up for what - a few thousand dollars? Ridiculous.


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