Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quotable Sunday,100 years of Fabulous One Liners

I was going through some of my favorite quotes to use for Quotable Sunday  and I as I was looking, I came across my list from the American Film Institute's 100 years ...100 favorite Movie Quotes.  So I picked 15  movies from the list and a favorite quote from each.
Can you remember what quote goes with which movie?  Below are my list of fun quotes, followed by the movie that they originated from.
.  I got 100%...but then again, I picked them.
 OK, it doesn't count!

1. "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse."

2. "May the force be with you"

3 ."Here's looking at you kid"

4. "Love means never having to say you're sorry"

5. "After all, tomorrow is another day"

6. "You're gonna need a bigger boat"

7.  "I'll have what she's having"

8.  "If you build it,he will come"

9 . "Keep your friends close, But your enemies closer"

10. "My Precious"

11. "Nobody puts baby in the corner"

12. "I'll get you, my petty, and your little dog too"

13. "I'm King of the world."

14. "Rosebud"

15. "You had me at " hello"

1 The Godfather
2. Star Wars
4.Love Story
5.GoneWith The Wind
7.When Harry Met Sally
8.Field Of  Dreams
9. Godfather 11
10. The.Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers
11..Dirty Dancing
!2. Wizard Of Oz
14.Citizen Kane
15.Jerry McQuire

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  1. Oh, I love them! And I actually recognized most of them. Damn! for an old broad with dwindling memory this was 100 test score! Love it! Thanks Peggy, just how I needed to wind down my evening!


  2. This was so much fun, Peggy! I recognized them all but my pitiful brain could only name the movie of 80% of them. Sigh...

  3. how fun, I recognize the quotes but only knew about half of them...thanks.

  4. Sylvia;

    Isn't it great when old broads like us get 100% on anything!
    Thank you and have a nice Sunday!


    I thought it was fun picking them, nice to hear that you enjoyed remembering them!

    It's fun to run down memeory lane, at least I keep telling my brain that it is!

  5. I love this one:
    "Keep your friends close, But your enemies closer"

    Didn't know that was from The Godfather!

  6. Shelley;

    I like that one too...thanks for stopping by!
    Have a good QS!

  7. Well, I got about 10 of them!
    "Love means never having to say you're sorry", one of my favorites!!

  8. These were a lot of fun! Quote quotes. Happy Sunday. :)

  9. LT;

    I have always loved that one...
    Thanks LT! have a great week!

  10. jennifer;
    Hope you have a good week...
    thank you for stopping by!

  11. I enjoyed reading all of the quotes. I did recognize most of them but not where they came from. Its funny how they do stick in your mind! Have a nice week.

  12. Great selection. This was a fun post!

    Have a beautiful day :D

  13. Cheryl;

    When writng these movie quotes out, I was also surprised at how many I knew...
    Have a great week!

  14. Serendipity;
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment!

  15. You made my day... I got 100%! ;)

    Love all the quotes - great choices!

    Hope you've had a wonderful Sunday! :)

  16. I enjoyed this! I even got over half of them, and smiled at quite a few. They're some great movies.

    Peggy, you "Make my day", LOL

  17. Those were fun, and familiar. I'm glad you gave us the answers.

  18. I hate when I don't know the answer. so I had to look them up for myself!. Glad you enjoyed it!


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