Sunday, January 24, 2010

Microfiction Monday # 9

Welcome to Microfiction Monday,
where a picture paints 140 characters.

Susan over at Stonyriver hosts Microfiction Monday.

The rules are simple,to use Susan's picture she posts then compose a story up to 140 characters including spaces and punctuation.
Then hop on over to Susan's and leave your name. She even has a brilliant character counter to help us count.
As Susan promises, it's fast, it's fiction, it's fun.

Here's this week's picture, and my story to go with it:

Hey Betty do you have a pair of flats in your trunk
Sonia yelled from above,
standing in skates for two days was not in my contract!


  1. I love it! What lives these gals have that no one knows about!!!
    Hope you've had a good day. Enjoy your week, Peggy!


  2. Poor Betty! From the looks of her closet, *everyone's* been borrowing clothes!
    I hope you're keeping warm Peggy!

  3. Sylvia;

    When girl get together, anything can happen! Imcluding a lot of laughter! These are so fun to do, I'm so glad you joined!


    Can you blame the girls, Betty has such great clothes. She also must have been a girl scout(always prepared)
    It was around 42 today, so much warmer then zero.
    Staying warm though, you too!

  4. Waiting for Missy to come home from school and play with them, was boring. What did the children do at school anyway that could be so fun.

  5. LOL. Love this and your header pic is amazing too.

  6. That brought a good smile! Sounds like daughters hollering back and forth between rooms. Really great take on the photo!

  7. LOL! I didn't even notice the skates! Standing in those things for two days would get tiresome!

  8. LOL...good one. Everyone has taken such a different spin on these. I love them and yours was clever. Brilliant my friend :)

  9. well I feel I blew it today because I didn't give the picture much attention I guess .. I love your Microfiction and look forward as always to read you next week.

    Antique Dolls

  10. Wonderful! I can just imagine such a scenario.

  11. I'd be complaining about those skates, too.

  12. Poor Missy, look what fun she's missing.
    Your so good lin, I love my extra present on Monday's from you. I think you should share it with everyone, but I love geting yours this way too! Take care , gonna get colder here! Brrrrrr


    Thank you, I just can't change it yet! I've tried and always go back! Have a great evening!

  13. Tatty;

    A giggle to start the week, love that. Thank you so much!


    Girls do yell out when they need something. They're not shy amoung friends!
    Thank you for stopping by!

  14. This is adorable, Peg. Cute idea! With my failing eyesight I missed the fact that she was on skates. Great idea!

  15. Thom;

    Gosh I love that word Brilliant, not because I am by any means, but because it is such a compliment. Hope you know what I mean, articulate, I'm also not!
    Have a great week away!

  16. Oh!omg! I am seeing the skates now, I got the whole thing wrong

  17. Ah, women and their shoes! {I know, I'm a girl but I don't have the "shoe" gene}.

    Does appear that Betty's doing her best to help out. Is there a French Maid doll to clean up you suppose? ;)

  18. Love this one! Poor dolly, standing in skates would be uncomfortable! And Bettie looks like she has clothes enough to share.

  19. Hope;

    I would love a French Maid Doll, I have cleaning duties today>

    I never had the shoe gene either but I love to look at cute shoes! Go figure>

    Have a great Monday Hope and an evening to match!

  20. Barbara;

    I wonder why Betty has all the clothes...she must be a great planner!
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Have a great week!


    I know what you mean, I just saw what looked like skates and remembered a doll made for the skating star Sonia Hennings.
    Hope your weather is better then ours...oh it always is!!!!!

  21. quilly;

    I saw the skates and knew that I couldn't stand in them for 5 minutes!
    Thanks for coming by, always great to see your name on my comments


    I cam by and read your fiction and thought it was great. Sometimes a quick glance can deliever great thoughts!


    Thank you, women are very aware of shoes that hurt their feet!
    Have a great evening, thanks for coming by!

  22. First 50;

    Me too, if my feet hurt, I hurt all over it seems!
    Look forward already to next weeks stories.
    Have a great evening!


    You did great, the skates were hard to see for sure!
    Have a great evening, see you next week!

  23. This was good Peggy, I can see where Sonia be in need of some shoes after being in skates for two days. Chuckled at the Name to.

  24. gosh, two days in the skates! poor doll! good thing she has betty at hand :)
    loved this

  25. SouthlakesMom;

    That's right Boop Boop De Boop, couldn't say it better myself!
    Have a good evening!


    The skater looks like the doll that resembles the Olympic skating star Sonia Henning. Before my time but my Mom told me about her!
    Thanks Bill !

  26. Peggie I love reunions especially when all the girls are dolls... winking at you

    A Camera Special To Me

    thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment

  27. You know, Betty Boop doesn't deserve ALL the attention.

    So when you get a moment, I left you something at my place. And no, you don't have to dust it.

  28. Awe cute Larry,
    I love to stop by your place!


    Thanks Hope, you always mae me smile!


    Thanks for the comment and for stopping by and leaving it!
    Have a great week!


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